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ADVERTISEMENT NO NAMES - 8x10 Frameable.jpg
Personalized 8x10 frameable
Includes individual and team photo

Having played, coached and managed girls softball for a combined 25+ years, I always enjoy taking team photos - there's just a fun energy in the air!

We do things a little different than most team photographers. No money is exchanged on picture night. You are instead given instructions on where and when (typically within 10-14 days) to view, order and pay for your prints. You can share this information with family and they can order as well.  Galleries are open for 1 week for ordering. There's never an obligation to buy!  Photos are delivered to your coach 7-10 days after the gallery closes.  Yep, it's that easy!

In addition to 5x7's and wallets, we also offer 3-1/2" magnets, 3" keychains, 12x12 Team collages and custom designed 8x10 frameable prints (see examples), using a studio selected team pose and 2 individual poses. They are always customized with your players name, number and team name and year.  

Just text or call 816-520-4033, or send us an email at to schedule your team photos!

2023 Advertisement 12x12 TbT.jpg
12x12 Team Collage
(mounted on 2mm styrene)
Sonni 3 - VG8A1637.jpg
Sonni 1 - VG8A1626.jpg
Sonni 2 - VG8A1701.jpg
Team Pic 1 - VG8A4026.jpg

Always a choice of individual photos to pick from!

      We offer traditional and        non-traditional team poses!

Team 3 - IMG_7964.jpg
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