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Do you offer digital images of my photos?

Yes, if you place an order of $350 or more, you will get a digital image of any pose that you purchased an enlargement for. These images may be used on your social media, but we ask that you tag Treasures by Tate on the post.  A photo print release will not be given for these images. 

Why don't you offer high-resolution digital images for me to print?

There are a few reasons, let us explain...

1)  Most people aren't aware that portraits taken by a professional photographer are the property of the photographer. While the photographer must ask your permission to use your image(s) in public, they do legally own the rights to your photos. By giving digital images to others to print and edit as they see fit, is like finger painting over a Van Gogh. The photographer has a vision for the images they create, they are art. When this art is taken to a drug store or big box store for printing, rather than a professional photo lab, colors are no longer true and the quality is not the same. This can reflect poorly on the photographer's work and it is why we, at Treasures by Tate, choose not to offer hi-resolution digital images to our customers.

2)   Pictures have always held a special place in the heart of our photographers. They are meant to be treasured and hung on a wall as art, or kept in an album to reflect on.  In the digital age that we live in, we snap pictures on our cell phone, where they stay until our phone is destroyed and we lose them.  Unless, of course, they are uploaded to the cloud...until it gets too full and we have to purge some.  Some shoot and burn photographers give digital images on flash drives or CD's like they are candy, which seems like a great deal.  But, how many times have you scratched a CD so that it is not useable or lost a flash drive?  These items are easily lost and damaged and often times, the images are never printed.  In our opinion, that's not what pictures were meant for and we're passionate about the stand we take on digital images. We found by asking, that most people want the digital images to use on social media, and we are more than willing to share images for this purpose if some general rules are followed.

Do you offer Mini-Sessions?

We do offer mini-sessions from time to time.  Mainly for holiday card photos or children's photo shoots.  Just like and keep an eye on our Facebook or Instagram pages for those announcements. 

Is there a sitting fee for my portrait session?


Some of our sessions do have a sitting fee.  Please ask when booking if there is a sitting fee for your session. These can be paid via PayPal or cash.  *Wedding portraits do not have a sitting fee, as they are priced differently.  

WHY DO YOU CHARGE A sitting fee for my portrait session?

Some photographers show up to a portrait sitting, snap several pictures, do a quick edit and hand you a CD or flash drive of your digital images. At Treasures by Tate, a lot of thought before-hand goes into your session. We research ways to make your photos special to you.  Sometimes, we may even arrange for special props to individualize your session to fit your personality.  When we do a family session with more than four people, we always have a second photographer; to shoot from different angles, to be a second set of eyes and to help get the little ones' attention.  Because no one works for free, we do pay our second photographer.  We then spend hours editing your images, to make sure that everything looks right.  Your up-front sitting fee covers our time doing all of these things, which incidentally, we never put a limit on. 

How far will you go to take my portraits?


For senior portraits, engagement photos, family photos and children's photos, we will travel up to 15 miles from Independence, Missouri, without an additional sitting fee.  If you want to do pictures outside of that area, please ask for a quote.

Wedding photos will be on a case-by-case situation. If travel over 20 miles is required, additional costs may be incurred.  If traveling out of the region, all travel expenses (hotel, rental car and/or airfare) will be paid by the customer.  *Photographer will be responsible for their own food. 

why are you more expensive than other photographers?

First of all, we don't think that we're more expensive than other professional photographers. If you hire a professional photographer - and not someone's little sister with a new camera - you are paying for experience and knowledge. Professional photographers have overhead, not unlike other business owners. We have thousands of dollars invested in equipment, software and props. In addition, we have a business license, are insured and pay taxes on our income. 

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