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Why do I like photography so much?  That's a question I've been asked several times, and honestly, there are so many reasons.  The main reason is that having the ability to actually capture a moment in time, so that it can be remembered and treasured forever as fine art, is almost like a super power!  I am, and have always been, so passionate about taking pictures.  It's who I am. 

I love meeting new people, making new friends and capturing a few treasures for them along the way.  As I've gotten older, those memories that I captured 20 years ago, have become more and more special to me.  I hold them near and dear to my heart, as do many of my customers.

I always want a Treasures by Tate photo shoot to be a fun, learning experience.  The learning, is done by me - I need to learn all I can about who you are, so that I can accurately portray who you are at this point in your life.  I can almost guarantee we'll have some laughs along the way too! 


Give me a call, email or complete the contact form below.  Let's talk about your photography needs.  I can't wait to meet you! 

- Susan 


Contact me:

Tel: 816-520-4033


Independence, MO

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