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Treasures by Tate does

FAMILY portraits

It's a pretty easy process actually. You tell us where you envision your family photos and we'll meet you there.  Or, if you have absolutely no idea where you'd like to take them, just ask and we'll make some great suggestions.  We can even show you other family photos taken at some of those locations and you can pick!  We want to make this as painless as possible.

The sitting fee of $100 will include one location of your choice. We'll travel up to 15 miles from Independence, so please keep that in mind when selecting a location. (We will consider going further, but there will be an additional fee.) 

After your session, your photos will be posted in a password protected gallery on our website within 10 days of your session.  You can give the password to whomever you would like so that they can view and order portraits as well.  If you'd like a sneak peak posted to your Facebook page sooner, just let us know. We just ask that any time you share them, you add a link to Treasures by Tate's Facebook page.


Worried about a dad or son that doesn't like to smile - worry no more, we've cracked some pretty tough cookies and gotten some great smiles that produced great images!

One of our most popular questions for family photo shoots...what do we wear? 


Here are some suggestions...

1) Everyone wear jeans and a black or dark blue shirt.

2) Everyone wear jeans and select color coordinating colors (ie, dad might wear a red and black plaid shirt, mom and daughter wear red and sons wear black.) 

3) It's also a good idea to stay away from short sleeves. Long or 3/4 length sleeves typically photograph better. 

4) Lastly, Moms and daughters, if you don't typically wear a lot of makeup, don't for your photo shoot. Looking your best natural self is always best! 

What's more important than family? At Treasures by Tate, the answer to that question is NOTHING!

And we love nothing more than to hang out with a family on a nice afternoon and capture the essence of who your family is. We always have fun and laugh a lot. Sometimes we ask you to make pyramids or climb a just never know.  But, it's all for a great keepsake and to capture that silly moment in our memories forever.  We've learned over the years that these become priceless art over time. 

We hope you'll trust your next family heirloom to us!

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